SDCDM Receives Escondido Charitable Foundation grant


The Escondido Charitable Foundation ( awarded a record-breaking grant amount of $215,000 to deserving programs in Escondido on Thursday, October 25, marking the largest funding amount in a single year by any community affiliate foundation with total gifts now at $778,000 benefiting all who work, live and play in Escondido.

SDCDM will use this grant of $27,000  to purchase and install an AV system and outdoor stage that will be used for the “Escondido Roots Series.” The “Escondido Roots Series” –  which consists of six free cultural performance events to be hosted annually – will allow families to experience the richness of Escondido’s cultural diversity by showcasing six different world cultures integral to the foundation of the city. At least 37 languages are currently spoken by students in Escondido schools, and the museum will use the Escondido Roots Series to raise awareness of the multitude of cultures represented in Escondido, deepen civic pride and responsibility, and encourage intercultural tolerance and dialogue.